The Big Bug Mystery

This was the very last summer story time for the year. Our theme was bugs, insects, and all kinds of creepy-crawly creatures!

We started with another action rhyme from the KCLS Wiki called “Two Little Fireflies:”

Two little fireflies land on my hand
(“Blink” fingers of both hands)
One named Sally and
(“Blink” right hand)
One named Sam
(“Blink” left hand)
Lights on Sally
(Spread right hand open)
Lights on Sam
(Spread left hand open)
Lights off Sally
(Make right hand into a fist)
Lights off Sam
(Make left hand into a fist)

We decided to change things up a bit and name our fireflies Glitter and Glimmer, though.

Our first book was the Eric Carle classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Lots of the kids were familiar with this one already, and they enjoyed counting the snacks the caterpillar ate and warning him that he was going to get a stomachache.

We worked on our gross motor skill by playing with our animal dice. I wrote new action cards for the dice:

  1. LEAP like a KANGAROO
  2. STOMP like a DINOSAUR
  3. RUN like a TIGER
  4. FLY like a BUMBLEBEE
  5. STAND like a FLAMINGO
  6. SLITHER like a SNAKE

After our animal dice, we went on a butterfly hunt. I cut out pictures of butterflies and hid them around the room. I gave each kid a sheet of paper with a picture of each butterfly on it, and they went around the room looking for each one and crossing them off when they found them.

Our second story was Dot & Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh. All the bugs in the forest have suddenly disappeared. What happened to them? Could it be they’re hiding in plain sight?

After our second story, the kids were allowed to choose which activities they wanted to do at four stations I had set up around the room:

Station A: an assortment of bug books
Station B: bug body coloring sheets from Deceptively Educational with paper and craft supplies to make bug parts out of
Station C: a light table with animal x-rays and insect x-rays
Station D: a sand table filled with pretend dirt and plastic bugs

The pretend dirt was originally intended to be Fizzy Mud, but since I had a limited amount of baking soda and a whole lot of cornstarch, I added a few boxes of cornstarch to the mix to make a bigger batch. The texture was interesting. It was less crumbly and more slimy. The cornstarch also gave the mixture a fun liquid/solid quality. It was solid when the kids held in their hands and liquid when they let it drip through their fingers. Sadly, the black liquid watercolor I used didn’t quite seem to take, and our dirt ended up being a pale blue. The kids didn’t care though!

Our last 2014 summer story time was a blast! We’ll be taking a break from programming in August as we gear up for the new school year. See you in September!


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