Dinosaur Hats

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

Today was the last day of dinosaur preschool class!

We started class with “My Hands.”

Sometimes my hands are at my side
Then behind my back they hide
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers just so
Shake them fast
Shake them slow
Sometimes my hands go
Then I rest them in my lap

Then we read our first story, The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell and Leonie Lord. This is a fun story about a dinosaur who is so very hungry, he wants to eat a little boy (and the little boy’s dog!). Luckily, the little boy has a few tricks up his sleeve to escape the super hungry dinosaur.

After our first story, we made dinosaur hats. They turned out ADORABLE!

Dinosaur Hats

I got the idea for the dinosaur hats at S’more Stuff, a blog for Swarthmore Library’s storytime.

While the kids were all wearing their dinosaur hats, we played animal dice. The six animal actions I have on the dice right now are:

  1. STAND like a FLAMINGO
  2. WIGGLE like a WORM
  3. STOMP like a DINOSAUR
  4. SLITHER like a SNAKE
  5. LEAP like a KANGAROO
  6. FLY like a BUMBLEBEE

The kids had fun trying to make everything dinosaur related (“maybe the worm is a DINOSAUR WORM!”).

When everybody who wanted to throw the dice had gotten a turn to do so, we spent some time playing with Play-Doh. I printed out and laminated Dinosaur Playdough Mats from Twinkl (free registration required) and Imaginative Play Mats from Picklebums, one of my favorite resources for free, high-quality printables.

After some Play-Doh time, we read our second book, Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea. The kids loved this one! Dinosaur is a roaring, tough creature who can beat any challenge that comes his way. But can he beat bedtime?

We ended with “Touch Your Nose.”

Touch your nose
Touch your chin
That’s the way
This game begins
Touch your eyes
Touch your knees
Now pretend
You’re going to sneeze
Touch your elbows
Where they bend
Jump right up and say

That wraps up our dinosaur theme! Join us next month when we start our construction theme!


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