Toucan Can!

This week we started our new preschool class theme: Up, Down, and All Around!

Toucan Can!

We started with “My Hands.”

Sometimes my hands are at my side
Then behind my back they hide
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers just so
Shake them fast
Shake them slow
Sometimes my hands go
Then I rest them in my lap

Then we read our only book this week, Toucan Can! by Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis. This book is ADORABLE! It plays with sounds a lot, so it’s backed with rhyme, repetition, and tongue twisting sentences. I had so much fun reading it aloud, and the kids thought it was super silly and funny. The pictures are gorgeous, with tons of bright colors jumping off the page. This was a great read!

After our book, we talked a little bit about what real toucans look like. I showed them some photos of toucans and asked them to tell me what colors they could see on them.

Next, we moved on to our craft project: paper plate toucans. This is a combination of two great crafts I found online: Pink Stripey Socks‘ paper plate toucan craft and Tippytoe Crafts‘ torn paper collage toucans. I cut the paper plates the way Pink Stripey Socks suggested, but I had the kids use torn paper like Tippytoe Crafts did. Everyone’s toucans looked great, but they flew away before I managed to get a picture of them!

After our craft, we did animal dice. This time we just used a regular big foam dice and I wrote the directions on the white board:

  • FLY like a TOUCAN!
  • RUN like a PANTHER!
  • HOP like a KANGAROO!
  • SWIM like a SHARK!
  • STAND like a FLAMINGO!

Then the kids had some free time to play at different stations I’d set up around the room. I put out some magnets and magnetic objects, a sorting tub full of rice and counters, and some kinetic sand.

Normally we read a second book, but there was no time today!

We ended with “Touch Your Nose.”

Touch your nose
Touch your chin
That’s the way
This game begins
Touch your eyes
Touch your knees
Now pretend
You’re going to sneeze
Touch your elbows
Where they bend
Jump right up and say

Next week, preschool class falls on Veterans’ Day, so the library will be closed. We’ll be back the week after that!


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