Flora and the Penguin

Preschool Class is back! This month’s theme is weather. We started this week with snow, which we’ve been experiencing quite a bit of lately.

We started with our opening rhyme and then began our first story Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal. This lovely picture book is all about the different places animals live during the winter, both above and below the snow covered ground. The kids enjoyed spotting the animals and sharing what they knew about each one.

After our story we played with snow slime. The recipe is from Growing a Jeweled Rose, a great blog with tons of recipes, activities, and ideas. The snow slime was a HUGE hit! They probably would have been happy to play with it all storytime.

We did a quick craft today. I cut out circles of blue paper and some black rectangles to make paper snow globes. While they colored and decorated the blue paper with markers, I went around and glued the circle to the black rectangle. After everybody’s was glued, I got out some white crayons and white colored pencils so they could add their “snow.”

Our last book of the night was Flora and the Penguin by Molly Idle. This is a very cute wordless picture book about a little girl who wants to ice skate and a penguin who wants to catch a fish. Flaps and fold-out pages make it a fun and interactive read.

We finished with our closing rhyme.

Join us next week for more weather stories and activities!


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