Dinosaur Dig!

We had a special storytime today, so it was structured a bit differently.

Like always, we started with our opening song. Then we moved on to our story, Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale.

Dinosaur Dig!

Dinosaur Dig! is about a group of ten very noisy dinosaurs who are working very hard to build something. To mimic the noise of their machinery, each of the kids were given a pair of rhythm sticks that they banged together or banged on the floor every time the dinosaurs got noisy.

After our story, the kids were allowed to go to different stations I set up around the room:

Station 1: plastic dinosaurs, foam blocks

Station 2: plastic dinosaurs in fake snow (half shaving cream, half baking soda)

Station 3: plastic dinosaur skeletons buried in flour, paintbrushes for “excavation”

Station 4: dinosaur floor puzzle

Station 5: Magic Nuudles, paper, dinosaur coloring pages, markers

Station 6: dinosaur books

Station 7: snacks

When the kids were done checking out the stations, they helped me clean up and picked out a book to take home with them.

Next week we’ll return to our regular preschool class. Join us as we learn more about different kinds of weather!


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