Spring Is Here!

We were back to weather this week at Preschool Class!

Our first book was Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit by Il Sung Na. This is a beautifully illustrated tale about how different animals deal with changing weather and seasons.

After our book, we tried an experiment: making rain in a cup. I filled a clear plastic cup about 2/3 full of water, then topped it with a shaving cream “cloud”. I put a small amount of water in three other plastic cups, then added liquid watercolor to make them different colors. Each child was given an eyedropper. They took turns using their eyedropper to soak up the different colors of water and drip them into the first cup. The result was a pretty rainstorm of vibrantly colored swirls of dye.

We kept our craft simple this week. Each child was given half of a foam paper plate to make into a sun. They colored and decorated their half plates, then I gave each child four clothespins. They were allowed to color and decorate the clothespins, then they pinched them shut around the edge of the plate to make the sun’s rays of light.

Our last book was Spring Is Here! by Will Hillenbrand, about a mole who wants to wake up his friend , a hibernating bear, so he can enjoy the first days of spring.

We played a little bit with the kinetic sand after our final story. Then we said good-bye.

Join us next week for more weather related fun!


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