Pip & Squeak

This week’s storytime was all about snow!

After our opening rhyme, we read Pip & Squeak by Ian Schoenherr, about two little mice who must decide what kind of gift to bring their friend. When they find a snowman in someone’s yard, they think they may have found just the thing…

After our story we danced to Jim Gill’s “Spaghetti Legs,” which is a great song to get everyone moving and laughing.

Our craft this week was a snowman:

Snowman Craft

These were really easy to make, and the kids had a blast decorating them. I took foam Christmas ornaments, pulled off the little top with the strong attached, then put three of them on a bamboo skewer. The skewers have a sharp tip, so I only pushed the skewer about halfway through the top foam ball. For extra protection, I stuck glue dots on the bottom and top of the middle foam ball, then pushed gently so it stuck to the top and bottom foam balls and didn’t move around.

To go along with out wintery theme, we played with fake snow and a variety of plastic people and animals. This is a simple activity to set up, but the kids love it and it really allows them to express their creativity through dramatic play.

Our final story was Denise Fleming’s The First Day of Winter, a re-imagining of the classic Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Once we finished up, we did our closing rhyme.

This week marks the end of weather storytime. Next month we’ll be learning about things that fly!


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