Hello, Airplane!

Hello, Airplane!

This week marks the beginning of Things that Fly! storytime! This week was all about airplanes.

After our opening rhyme, we read our first book, Hello, Airplane! by Bill Cotter, about all the different things you can see from way up high in the sky.

Once our story was done, we made foam airplanes for our craft. I followed the instructions for a 3D foam airplane from The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug. I let the kids use markers and stickers to decorate the three different parts, and then I helped them put all of the pieces together. I dabbed some Foamtastic glue on once they were finished, just to help hold everything in place.

While our planes were drying, we played with kinetic sand and small, plastic cars, buses, trains, boats, and planes. I also gave them some plastic scissors, which are great for slicing and cutting the sand.

Our last book was A Plane Goes Ka-Zoom! by Jonathan London and Denis Roche, about the different things planes do and the different noises they make. The kids loved finding the silly penguin hiding on every page.

After our book, we went to test out our planes. After flying them for a while, we finished playing with the sand and cleaned up. Usually, we’d do our closing rhyme, but I forgot today!

Next week is Book Buddies, but the week after that we’ll be reading about birds. Join us!


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