I'm Brave!

I’m Brave

This week we took a break from our usual storytime routine for Book Buddies, a special monthly program that is structured a bit differently.

We started with out opening rhyme, then moved to our book for tonight, I’m Brave by Kate and Jim McMullan. Like some of their previous books, this one is full of fun noises and fast-paced action. The pictures are colorful and attention grabbing, with lots of fun details. Plus, books about trucks and tools are always a big hit.

I'm Brave!

After our book the kids split off into stations:

  1. kinetic sand, plastic vehicles, plastic scissors
  2. color your own puzzle, markers
  3. play cars, blocks
  4. paper, markers, stampers, stickers

The kids were free to go to whichever stations they liked. When playtime was over, we cleaned up. We forgot to do our closing song, but it’ll be back next week.

Join us next time when we learn about more things that fly!


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