For our last week of Things that Fly! storytime, we read some more about birds!

After our opening rhyme, we started with What’s the Magic Word? by Kelly DiPucchio and Marsha Winborn. When a baby bird is whooshed away from his warm, safe nest, how will he find somewhere to stay? This is a funny book with lots of lyrical repetition that makes it a perfect read-aloud.

Once our first story was over, we did a very simple but very popular movement activity. Every child was given a balloon and told to keep it in the air as long as they could. I played several songs, and they ran around the room, hitting their balloons high into the air and catching them just in time.

Our craft this week was a really cute paper plate bird that rocks back and forth:

paper plate birdI found the instructions for this craft on Happy Hooligans. To make things less messy, we didn’t use any paint, though. We colored our paper plates with crayons, bent them in half, and glued our eyes, beaks, feathers, and paper strips on.

We played a game after our craft, then we moved on to our last book, Telephone by Mac Barnett and Jen Corace. Based on the classic game where a repeated phrase changes little by little, this is a bright, funny book that made the kids laugh a lot.

We wrapped everything up with our closing rhyme.

Next month’s theme is building. Join us!


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