fishing game

I’m a Shark!

Storytime was cancelled last week, but we’re back again today with a water themed unit full of fun stories, crafts, and activities.

We started, as usual, with out opening rhyme. Then we tried out a new action rhyme about the ocean:

Here is the sea, the wavy sea. (move hand in a wave motion)
Here is the boat. (lay hand flat horizontally, with thumb resting on fingers)
And here is me. (hold thumb up)
All of the fishies, (make fish swimming motion with hand below boat)
Way down below,
Wiggle their tails, (wiggle fingers)
And away they go!

Our first book was I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry, about a giant squid who uses his ink to paint all over the ocean, including on his fellow ocean creatures.

Next, we moved on to our craft, a squid/octopus:

squid craft

As the kids finished up their craft, they were allowed to choose whether they wanted to play in the sand box or with our new sand slime:

sand box

Meanwhile, I dismissed them in groups of three to go fishing at our water table:

fishing game

Our seaweed and coral is made of dyed spaghetti noodles.

Our final story was I’m a Shark! by Bob Shea about a super awesome shark who is not afraid of anything in the world–except maybe spiders…

We finished with our closing rhyme. Next week, more ocean fun!


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