The Great Googly Moogly

The Great Googly Moogly

What We Read:

The Great Googly MooglyThe Great Googly Moogly by Courtney Dicmas
Stella is an expert at fishing, but she finds she cannot catch the Great Googly Moogly, a fearsome and ferocious fish. Day after day she returns to the dock until finally she spots it! But what if the Great Googly Moogly is actually not so fearsome or ferocious after all? What if the Great Googly Moogly is a very friendly beast?

The kids liked this book as soon as I read the title (“moogly is a silly word!”). They were very interested in the illustrations, which are colorful and larger than life. They especially enjoyed pointing out all the fish-themed furniture and decor in Stella’s bedroom!

What We Said:
“My Hands”

Today’s storytime went longer than expected, so “My Hands” was the only rhyme we had time for!

What We Did:
We danced! We started with Laurie Berkner‘s “The Goldfish,” one of my all time favorite kids’ songs. Then I passed out ribbon rings and we danced to Jim Gill‘s “Jump Up, Turn Around” and “Silly Dance Contest.” The ribbon rings swirled in the air and made the whole room colorful!

We played with sand! I’m always surprised at how much the kids love to play with regular, plain old sand. We have a kiddie pool full of it, and we’ve added plastic animals, animal counters, and assorted little trinkets. The kids use handheld sifters or their bare hands to dig stuff up, and we keep some brushes for them to use like archaeologists. They had a blast!

What We Made:
I got a little ambitious with our craft today, and I let the kids paint. We made fish bowls:

fish bowl craft

The very first thing we did when storytime began was put smocks on and paint paper plates blue. I gave each kid a little bit of paint right on their paper plate so they didn’t drench it. Most of the plates had a little section at the top cut out to make it look more like a fish bowl, but some of the extra plates didn’t get cut.

Once their names were written on the bottom of the plates, they put them on a table to dry.

Once they were all (mostly) dry, the kids used glue sticks to get the bottom of their bowls sticky. I came around and sprinkled color sand on the area they had glued. After that, they were allowed to glue foam decorations and googly eyes to their paper plate. They turned out adorable!

Next week, we’ll start learning about plants!


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