Shake to Assemble!

Summer storytime has arrived! This June and July, we’ll be learning all about superheroes and maybe even a little about supervillains…

What We Read:

Shake to Assemble by Calliope Glass, Ron Lim, and Richard Isanove is one of my new favorites. Like Press Here by Herve TulletShake to Assemble asks readers to help assemble the Avengers. Swing Thor’s hammer, press Iron Man’s arc reactor, and, if you’re really brave, poke Bruce Banner. This book was so much fun to read, and the kids had a blast. They especially liked Iron Man’s (failed) attempt to wield Thor’s hammer.

How to Be a Superhero by Sue Fliess and Nikki Dyson is a fun rhyming story about what exactly you need to be a superhero. Will you wear a cape? Will you create force fields? What will be your one weakness?

What We Said:

“My Hands”

“Touch Your Nose”

What We Did:

We danced! Today it was to “Shakin’ Everywhere” and “Face the Facts,” both by the fantastic Jim Gill.

We built! We used foam blocks, mega blocks, mats, and cars to make all kinds of super structures.

What We Made:

Superhero masks!

2I cut the templates out, attached the elastic, and let them color!

Next week: more superhero fun!


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