Your Senses at the Zoo

Today’s summer storytime was about SUPER animals!

What We Read:

Your Senses at the Zoo

Your Senses at the Zoo by Kimberly M. Hutmacher

Your Senses at the Zoo is a nice introduction to all the wonderful sights and sounds the zoo has to offer. The photographs of zoo animals were a huge hit with the kids, and they wanted to talk all about the animals they’ve seen at the zoo.

What We Said:

“My Hands”

“Touch Your Nose”

What We Did:

We made our own bouncy balls!

I used a recipe from The 36th Avenue with a few slight tweaks to make it work with a large group of children. First, I substituted liquid watercolor for food coloring, since liquid watercolor is washable. I made five large batches of the glue and cornstarch mixture, and I had a few large bowls of the warm water and borax mixture.

glue and cornstarch mixture

I poured the glue and cornstarch mixture into the bowl of warm water and borax, using a knife to scrape out globs of it. I repeated this with each color, and we had enough to for every kid to take one home with them.

This was such a fun activity! These don’t bounce as high as a store bought bouncy ball, but the kids had a blast making them and watching them form.

What We Made:

We made colorful chameleons!

The kids colored around the chameleon while I filled a small tub with shaving cream. I put a handful of liquid watercolor droplets of different colors on the shaving cream, then I let some of the kids help me marble the colors with plastic knives and forks.

shaving cream paint

After that the kids came up one at a time with their pictures, placed them face-down in the tub, lightly pushed them down, and then peeled them back up. Their chameleons were stunning! They did need quite a bit of time to dry, though.

We got our super cute chameleon coloring pages from the blog of illustrator Alison Hertz.

Next Week: 

More SUPER fun books, crafts, and activities!


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