water table2

Perfect Square

This Week: Super Art!

What We Read:

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Perfect Square is the story of a perfectly happy, perfectly red square. He has four perfect sides of equal length and four perfect corners. But what happens when the red paper gets ripped up? Crumpled? Torn? Then the perfect square becomes something new and just as perfect.

Dot by Patricia Intriago

Dot is about the many, many ways one dot can be different from another dot. A dot can be fast or a dot can be slow. A dot can be stop or a dot can be go. You might be surprised how different dots can be.

What We Said:

“My Hands”

“Touch Your Nose”

What We Did:

We brought out the parachute! We sang “Ring Around the Rosie” while walking in a circle, then changed directions and sang it again. We shook the parachute up and down as fast as we could, then added some soft toys that bounced around on top. We lifted the parachute as high as it would go, then ran underneath, sat on the edges, and sang “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” We put the parachute flat on the ground, counted to three, lifted it up as high as it would go, and then let it go. Then we rolled it into a big ball and put it away.

We played in the sandbox!

We played with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

We played at our new water table! I filled it about halfway with water, added some green and blue liquid watercolor to dye the water, and added hollow balls, water balls, plastic sea animals, and magnetic fish. The kids used magnetic toy fishing rods, tiny pool skimmers, and their hands to catch stuff.

What We Made:

Chalk drawings!

chalk art

Everyone got a piece of black paper, a cup of different colors of chalk, and a small cup with just a little water in it. They dipped their chalk in the water, then drew what they wanted with it. The pictures looked great when they were done. The colors really popped off the black paper!

Next Week: More super fun books, activities, and crafts!


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