Aliens Love Underwear

This Week: Super Aliens!

What We Read:

Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

Aliens Love Underpants is a funny, silly story about the real reason aliens love to visit Earth. The kids liked this one a lot!

What We Said:

“My Hands”

“Touch Your Nose”

What We Did:

We brought out the parachute! We lifted the parachute up as high as we could, played popcorn with a ball, traded places by running under the parachute, sank “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” under the parachute, and then lifted the parachute up high and let it go.

We played in the sandbox!

We played at the water table!

We played with galaxy dough!

galaxy dough

Using a recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose, I made a double batch the day before. Mine came out similar to Play-Doh, but a bit softer and smoother. And a lot more glittery!

What We Made:

Planets and other outer space creations!

space stuff

Using Cloud Clay, the kids made a variety of planets, aliens, and their own creations. Cloud Clay is super light, easy to mold, and dries after about a day. They really enjoyed working with it.


Some of the kids even decided to see what happened when they mixed the galaxy dough with their Cloud Clay, and the results were pretty cool!

galaxy dough/Cloud Clay

Next Week: It’s Fair Week, so there’s no storytime next Tuesday. We’ll be back the week after that, though!


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