Duck, Duck, Moose!

Duck, Duck, Moose!

This Week: Super Animals!

What We Read:

Duck, Duck, Moose! by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Noah Z. Jones

Duck, Duck, Moose! is about the adventures of two ducks and their clumsy but lovable moose friend. This one was an instant favorite of mine! The kids were giggling from the time I said the title to the time I closed the book. A lot of the story is told through the pictures, which gave the kids a chance to point things out and explain what happened on the page. They especially liked Moose wearing underwear on his head.

Little White Fish by Guido van Genechten

Little White Fish is a simple story about colors. As Little White Fish searches for his mother, he meets all kinds of sea creatures in all different colors of the rainbow. Each page names the animal and the color of the animal, so after the first few pages, the kids picked up on the pattern and repeated it before I even read it, which was really cool.

What We Said:

“My Hands”

“Touch Your Nose”

What We Did:

We played musical hula hoops! We put hula hoops on the floor, and the kids stood in them. When I started playing the music, they hopped out of the hula hoop and started dancing around the room. When I stopped the music, they found a hula hoop to hop into. When I started playing the music again, I took one hula hoop away. Each time I stopped and restarted the music, I removed a hula hoop until there were only two left (they couldn’t all squeeze into one!). The kids had a blast, and nobody had to be “out” like in musical chairs.

We played with glitter slime! I got the recipe from The 36th Avenue.

What We Made:

Animal ornaments! I gave each kid a Styrofoam ball, and they used markers and stickers to decorate them. Some made animals on them, and some made their own designs. They were a cute craft that required almost no prep work.

Next Week: Super Books! We read some of our favorite stories!


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