Since we’ll be taking a break from MAPS in May, this month I’ll be posting weekly about some of our favorite books and activities!

This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to paint.

Shaving cream paint is fun, easy to make, and a little bit messy. You can use shaving cream alone or mix in roughly an equal amount of glue to make it puffy paint. For color, use liquid watercolor. Food coloring will work as well, but it may stain clothes. You can make your paint a single solid color or you can marble it. To marble it, sprinkle drops of liquid watercolor or food coloring on top. Then use the end of a mixing spoon to swirl the colors together. Don’t overmix them or you’ll get muddy brown.

shaving cream paint

Ice paint is another great choice, especially in the summer months. The recipe is from Growing a Jeweled Rose. Just fill an ice cube tray with different colors of washable paint, freeze them, and then paint with them as they melt. You can also freeze them with Popsicle stick handles in them.

I also like the effect of watercolor paint on white crayon. You can draw or write something on the paper before hand with a white crayon, then it magically appears when the kids brush their watercolor paint over it.

dinosaur paintings

I hope you try these recipes out at home. MAPS will be back next week. See you there!


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