Big Bad Bubble

Big Bad Bubble

This week is movement!

We started with a game where we all sit in a circle and pass a ball to each other. Whoever has the ball tells the group their name, and then we all say, “Good morning, [name]!” together.

After the game, we stood up and did a very short stretching exercise:

Tall as a tree (stretch arms to the ceiling)
Wide as a house (stretch arms out)
Narrow as a pole (hold arms to your side)
Small as a mouse (shrink back down into your seat)

Then we read our book, Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri. Did you know that every time you pop a bubble, it is magically transported to La La Land, where the monsters  live? And did you know that monsters are TERRIFIED of bubbles? This is one of my favorites. It’s a great example of a picture book that both kids and adults will find funny. Kids will love the imagery of big bad monsters cowering in front of harmless soapy bubbles, and adults will appreciate some of the more subtle humor (in La La Land doughnuts grow on trees and the rent is very reasonable).

We followed our book up with two songs. First we did “The Goldfish” by the Laurie Berkner Band, then we passed out rhythm sticks and did “Tap Your Sticks” by Hap Palmer.

After that, the kids were allowed to visit any of the stations set up around the room:

  1. Sand table.
  2. Bubble painting. IMG_0852I mixed water, dish soap, washable tempera paint, and just a little glycerin. I made four different colors and set them out in bowls. The kids used bubble wands to blow colorful bubbles on paper.
  3. Blocks and MagnaTiles.
  4. Block tower and soft baby toys.
  5. Pipe cleaners and a kiddie pool full of bubble solution. Originally, we were going to try and make this a station where the kids would stand on a stepstool and lift a hula hoop up to make a giant bubble around themselves. We got mixed results when we tested it out, so we scrapped it. The kids used pipe cleaners to make wands and dipped them in the solution instead.
  6. Bubble wands.

    These were so simple and so fun! The kids spent probably 20 minutes just running around, blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles,. catching bubbles, and popping bubbles.

    Join us next week for art!


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