Puppy Pool Party!

This week is movement!

Today was exciting because we had a special visitor named Oliver!

IMG_1026 (1)

Oliver is a goldendoodle who works as a therapy dog. He visits schools, hospitals, and even libraries.

Oliver sat with us as we read our first book, Puppy Pool Party! by Seth Casteel.


Puppy Pool Party! is another super cute rhyming book in the Underwater Dogs series. This one is full of adorable little puppies having a blast at the pool.

After our first story, Oliver’s owner and trainer introduced Oliver to the kids. She talked about what Oliver does, where he goes, and how he should be petted.

After Oliver was introduced, I read another book, This Book Just Ate My Dog! by Richard Byrne.


This Book Just Ate My Dog is a clever, funny story about a dog who mysteriously disappears into the gutter of the book. Lots of people try to help, only to find themselves disappearing as well.

Then we broke into stations:

  1. Oliver!
    Oliver’s trainer let the kids come and pet Oliver and answered any questions they had about him.
  2. Dog wash.
    I mixed some water, dish soap, and blue liquid watercolor in our water table. I tossed in some plastic dog counters, measuring cups, and basting brushes (we use them for painting). Just before we started playing, I added shaving cream on top. Honestly, they didn’t care about the dog counters all that much; they were happy to just pour and brush.
  3. Cardboard doghouse.
    I made a cardboard doghouse and set out glitter glue, a paintbrush, tempera paint pens, stickers, duct tape, and scissors for the kids to decorate with.
  4. Veterinary clinic.
    The kids never seem to get tired of this one! Today I added a really cute printable from MomDot. They loved it, and some of them spent a long time filling it out and drawing on it.
  5. Accordion dog craft.
    I used a template from Craft ‘n’ Home. I used the head and tail and just used accordion folded paper in the middle.
  6. Conveyor.
    Our conveyor came a week or so ago, and we decided to use it for the first time today! It’s from Kodo Kids. I put out some large cloth dog bones, and the kids got to work. They loved it, especially once they figured out how to move the bones around the rollers.

See you next week for art!


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