Moose Tracks!

This week is movement!

We had a big group today, so we got some energy out by starting with Hap Palmer’s “Tap Your Sticks.” Since we had some new friends join us today, we played our introduction ball game to learn each other’s names. We sit in a circle and pass the ball to each other. Whoever has the ball says their name, and everyone says hi to them before they pass the ball to someone else.

Our first book was Moose Tracks! by Karma Wilson and Jack E. Davis.


There are moose tracks all over the house and yard, but there are no moose around! Who could have made such a mess? Like all of Karma Wilson’s books, Moose Tracks! is great fun to read aloud.

After our book, we went to investigate some moose tracks in our very own library. Earlier this morning, I sneaked downstairs and put out a trail of paper moose tracks. I used the moose tracks printable from Karma Wilson’s website. The trail ended at the kitchen’s serving window. When we reached the end of the trail, I opened the serving window to reveal tea cups and a nice cold pitcher of Moose Juice!


I will share my very secret Moose Juice recipe:

Tape Moose Juice picture over fruit juice label and enjoy!

Once we were done with our juice, we returned to the room for our second story, Duck, Duck, Moose! by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Noah Z. Jones. This is the madcap story of a very clumsy moose and his exasperated friends. Full of goofy, slapstick humor, this is a very fun read.

Our last group activity was a short game of animal dice. We use a large soft cube that has six actions written on it:

  1. Swim like a shark!
  2. Hop like a frog!
  3. Stand like a flamingo!
  4. Run like a cheetah!
  5. Climb like a monkey!
  6. Fly like a bird!


When they were done with their puppets, they were free to move on to our stations:

  1. Kinetic sand.
  2. Conveyor belt and Magic Nuudles.
  3. Magnet wall.
  4. Tree blocks.
  5. Wooden blocks.IMG_1217
  6. Hula hoops, partner parachutes, and bean bags.
  7. Art station. Originally, we were going to make hand print moose, but the kids decided to let their imaginations run wild. The results were awesome!

See you next week for art!


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