Not a Box

This week is STEM!

We started this morning with a short rhyme:

“Tall as a Tree”

Tall as a tree (stretch arms toward ceiling)
Big as a house (stretch arms out at sides)
Skinny as a pole (hug arms to sides)
Small as a mouse (scrunch down to the floor)

Then we read our first book, Sitting in my Box by Dee Lillegard & Jon Agee.


Sitting in my Box is the story of a little boy who wants nothing more than to hang out in his cardboard box with a good book. But a herd of wild animals want to share his cardboard box as well. Can there possibly be room for them all?

Each time an animal knocked on the cardboard box, I knocked on the table. Some of the kids knocked on the floor with me. The kids also helped me by saying the repeated line, “Let me in, let me in.”

We also did a song this week, with the help of YouTube. We sang “Ten in the Bed”, and rolled our arms whenever someone rolled over and fell off.

Our second book was Not a Box by Antoinette Portis.


This is a fun, short read about one bunny (or, as one of the kids decided, a bunny dog) and his magnificent “not-a-box.” It’s a super imaginative, creative book.

After we read Not a Box, we moved on to our stations:

  1. Water table with water beads, soap, and toys.
  2. Magnet wall.
  3. Giant paper with markers and stickers.
  4. K’NEX.
  5. Magnetic toys.
  6. KEVA Contraptions.
  7. Tree blocks.
  8. Kinetic sand with molds and toys.IMG_1326.JPG
  9. Conveyor belt with alphabet letters.

Join us next week! Since it’s the fifth Tuesday of the month, the theme will be choose your own adventure!


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