Orange Pear Apple Bear

Orange Pear Apple Bear

This week is movement!

We started with “Tap Your Sticks” by Hap Palmer. Once we had some energy out, we danced to “Freeze Dance” by The Fresh Beats Band. I made a game out of it by placing hula hoops on the floor and having the kids jump inside one whenever the music stopped. When the music started again, I removed a hula hoop so there were fewer and fewer to jump inside of.

Once our songs were done we started our first book, Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett.

Orange Pear Apple Bear

I love this book. The watercolor illustrations are so pretty, and the text is simple but so much fun. To add some movement, I assigned actions to the four words that make up the majority of the text:

  1. orange=clap
  2. pear=jump
  3. apple=spin in a circle
  4. bear=growl like a bear (making claws with your hands is optional)

Every time I read one of those words, we would do the assigned action. It was a fun way to read and move and play.

After our first book, we did a stretching rhyme, “Tall as a Tree:”

Tall as a tree, (stretch arms to ceiling)
Wide as a house, (stretch arms out at sides)
Skinny as a pole, (tuck arms in at sides)
Small as a mouse. (crouch down on floor)

Our second book was Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball by Vicki Churchill and Charles Fuge.


This is cute, quick read about a baby wombat and all the things he likes to do. The text rhymes and has an almost sing-song quality, so I always enjoy reading it aloud.

We followed up with “Silly Dance Contest” by Jim Gill, and then we went to our stations:

  1. Bubble wands.
  2. Hula hoops.
  3. Giant roller ramps.IMG_1356.JPG
  4. Magna-Cars & Trucks, play roads.IMG_1349.JPG
  5. Blocks, counters.IMG_1352.JPG

Next week is art!




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