Vincent Paints His House

This week is art!

We started with one of my favorite games to play during storytime, “Little Mouse, Little Mouse.” I use our projector and a felt board app on one of our iPads, but it can easily be played with a traditional felt board. Put five or six felt houses on the board. Make sure the houses are different colors. Hide a small felt mouse under one of the houses. Then ask the children which house they think the mouse is in. To call the mouse, say:

Little mouse, little mouse, are you hiding in the [color] house?

Then move that color house. Keep going until you find the tricky little mouse!

After our game, we read our first book, Vincent Paints His House by Tedd Arnold.


Vincent cannot decide what color he should paint his house. To make matters more complicated, the other residents of the house (including a snake and a bat) have their own opinions on what color he should choose. One of my favorite features of this book is that it lists different shades of the colors he talks about, so kids can see the difference between crimson red and scarlet red.

Also, each animal wants Vincent to choose the paint color that matches them (the snake wants green, the bat wants black, etc.) so there’s lots of opportunities to ask the kids to make predictions. “What color do you think the mouse wants Vincent to paint his house?” “What color do you think Vincent will choose?”

After our first book, we danced to Jim Gill’s “Jump Up, Turn Around” and moved on to our next story, Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman and Steve Wilson.


This is a fun, short read with bright, silly illustrations that catch the eye immediately. It’s a great pick if you’re reading to younger kids.

After we read Lines that Wiggle, we went to our stations:

  1. Water table with pouring station set up.
  2. Fluffy slime. I got this recipe from Instructables:

    1 cup glue
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    Food coloring or liquid watercolor (optional)
    1 pump foaming soap (optional)
    1/4 cup shaving cream
    Saline eye drops (make sure they contain boric acid or sodium borate)

    Mix glue, baking soda, and food coloring/liquid watercolor. Stir in foaming soap and shaving cream. Mix well. Add saline eye drops slowly, stirring as you go. The key is to add enough to make the mixture firm and not sticky but not so much that the slime loses its stretch. Once the mixture isn’t sticking to the spoon as much, use your hands to mix and knead. Once you have the consistency and texture you want, you can fold in more shaving cream to add fluffiness.

    Be careful to keep off of clothing!

  3. Contact paper mandalas.IMG_1385.JPG
    I got the instructions and the template from Picklebums, one of my favorite websites for planning storytime. I taped the template to the table, peeled the backing off the contact paper and taped it sticky side up over the template. The kids placed tissue paper shapes all around their circle. We finished ours by adding another circle of contact paper on top, sticky side down so it would keep all the tissue paper in place. The final product can be trimmed into a smaller circle.
  4. Color sorting game.
  5. SumBlox.img_1387
  6. Tangram blocks and Playstix.

Next week is play!


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