Bear Snores On

This week is movement!

We started with one of my favorite fall reads, Karma Wilson’s Bear Snores On.


It’s time for Bear to hibernate, but his friends have other ideas. Will their chattering and munching wake up Bear? Like all of Karma Wilson’s books, Bear Snores On is tremendously fun to read aloud.

After our bear book, we decided to go on a bear hunt! We walked on the wavy grass, climbed the tall tree, and rowed across the river.

Once we made it safely out of the bear’s cave, we read our second book, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don Wood and Audrey Wood.


The mouse has picked a wonderful strawberry to eat, but little does he know that bears love strawberries, too.The kids really enjoyed this one! They had all kinds of ideas about how to keep the strawberry safe from the bear.

After we read our books, we got out our partner parachutes and used them to bounce leaves up in the air. The kids tried gently waving them up and down to keep the leaves on the parachute. They also tried waving the parachutes up and down frantically so the leaves would go as high as they could.

After our group time, the kids were allowed to go to this week’s stations:

  1. Partner parachutes and leaves.
    A few of the kids used a step stool to set up their parachute and leaves!
  2. Blocks made from tree branches.
  3. Play dough and pretend bugs.
  4. A bug sorting game.
  5. An apple sorting game.
  6. A bean bag toss.
  7. Hand print leaves.
    I had the kids do their hand prints at the very beginning so they would have some time to dry during group time. They were still a little wet, but the kids improvised and drew around them (with a little help from their caretakers!).

Next week is art!


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