Pumpkin Painting!

This week is art!

MAPS was a little bit different this week. We had bunches and bunches of pumpkins here at the library, so we decided to paint a few of them. This was a little more time consuming than some of our other art projects, so I changed the format a little bit.

We read one book this week, Penguin and Pumpkin by Salina Yoon.

penguin and pumpkin.JPG

When Penguin and some of his family members take a long trip to the pumpkin patch to prepare for fall, Penguin’s little brother feels very left out. Can they find a way to bring fall to him instead?

After our book, we picked out our pumpkins and headed outside. I set up a washing station with an empty water table, scrub brushes, spray bottles with water, and paper towels. Once the pumpkins were scrubbed clean and dried off, the kids picked out their paint and brushes and started painting!

I had a few stations set up inside for when the kids were done with their painting:

  1. Black paper, chalk, autumn stencils.
    The stencils were made on the library’s die-cut machine.
  2. Leaf puppets.
    All you need for these are Popsicle sticks, leaves (real or papaer), googly eyes, and glue.
  3. Magnet wall with dinosaur and vehicle magnets.
  4. Play dough with assorted toys.

Next week is play!


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