Monster Needs a Costume

This week is play!

Since Halloween is fast approaching, today we read Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak and Wendy Grieb.


Monster is having a terrible time choosing which fantastic costume he wants to wear to go trick or treating! Should he wear his cowboy outfit, complete with sheriff’s badge and ten-gallon hat? Or should he don his tutu and be a ballerina? Or maybe his super sneaky ninja costume would be best? This was a really fun read, and the kids enjoyed the monster’s parade of silly costumes.

We followed up with a short dance break. We danced to “Freeze Dance” by the Fresh Beats Band and “Listen and Move” by Greg & Steve. Then it was on to our stations:

  1. Pin the tail on the turkey.
  2. Leaf puppets.img_1535
    This was similar to our craft last week, but this time the kids traced their hands to make the leaves.
  3. Leaf puppet pretend dice.
    Close to the leaf puppet station we had two soft dice with different animals and habitats written on them. The kids rolled the dice and then used their leaf puppets to act out the different animals in the different habitats.
  4. Camping play area.img_1541
  5. Play dough and bugs.img_1539
  6. Leafblower races.
    We set up two leaves side by side on a table. The kids could then compete against each other to see who could blow on their leaf and have it reach the masking tape finish line first.

Next week is STEM!


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