Are You Ready to Play Outside?

This week is STEM!

We started with an opening rhyme called “My Hands.”

Sometimes my hands are by my side, (hold hands at side)
Then behind my back they hide, (hide hands behind back)
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers so, (wiggle fingers)
I wiggle them fast, I wiggle them slow, (wiggle fingers fast then slow)
Sometimes my hands go clap, clap, clap, (clap hands three times
Then I put them in my lap. (put hands in lap)

Then we read our first book, Are You Ready to Play Outside? by the always fantastic Mo Willems.


Elephant and Piggie have decided to play outside, but when it starts to rain, their plans may be ruined. Can they still have fun in a downpour?

After our first book, we took a break with some music. I played Jim Gill’s “Leaky Umbrella,” and the kids used scarves as rain, waving them wherever the song said.

We read a second book this week, Raindrops Fall All Around by Charles Ghigna & Laura Watson.


This is a very sweet, charming book told in rhyme. Springtime arrives and brings with it lots of rain. The kids loved all the animals!

Next, we did a short rhyme called “Rain on the Green Grass.”

Rain on the green grass,
Rain on the trees,
Rain on the rooftops,
But not on me!

I had the kids wiggle their fingers to mimic raindrops pitter pattering on the grass, trees, and rooftops.

Then we moved to our stations:

  1. Cloud in a cup.img_1590-1
    I filled up some plastic cups about 3/4 full of water. I made a shaving cream “cloud” on top. The kids used pipettes and diluted liquid watercolor to make beautiful rainstorms!
  2. Foam blocks.img_1599
    This ended up being a great opportunity for collaboration and sharing!
  3. Rainbow painting. img_1592We used blue paper and dot markers to make our rainbows.
  4. Weather charts.
    These were actually going to be weather charts with a little spinner in the middle that was fastened with a brad, but the kids really wanted to draw rainbows!
  5. Mega Bloks.
  6. Water table.
    Always a crowd favorite!

Next week is movement!



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