This week is STEM!

We started with Wednesday by Anne Bertier.


Big Square and Little Round like to play a game where they transform themselves into different objects. But what happens when Big Square makes himself into things that Little Round cannot?

After Wednesday, we played with balloons. Balloons are pretty much a guaranteed hit around here. I started some music and the kids tried to keep their balloons from touching the floor.

Our second book was Shape Shift by Joyce Hesselberth.


Like WednesdayShape Shift is about all the amazing things you can make using just some shapes and your imagination.

We decided to have a building day today, so we had lots of block related stations:

  1. Suspend Game.fullsizerender-3
  2. Tangram pieces.
  3. Wedgits.fullsizerender-1
  4. Foam blocks.FullSizeRender.jpg
  5. KEVA blocks. These are really cool wood planks that can be used to make amazing buildings, ramps, and tracks.
  6. Tree stump blocks.fullsizerender-2

I also had plastic counters and cars out. This was a really fun day and a really easy setup.

Next Tuesday is the fifth Tuesday of the month, which  means next week is Choose Your Own Adventure!



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