Have You Seen Elephant?

This week is Choose Your Own Adventure!

Our first book today was We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen.


Two turtles find one hat. Both of them look equally good in the hat. Both of them want the hat very, very badly. How will they decide who gets to keep it? Like Jon Klassen’s other Hat books, We Found a Hat is slightly dark and very funny.

After our first book, we took a dance break. We did two Jim Gill songs, “Silly Dance Contest” and “Face the Facts.”

Our second book was a new favorite of mine, Have You Seen Elephant? by David Barrow.


Elephant wants to play hide and seek. Elephant is VERY good at hide and seek. So good, in fact, that his friend cannot find him no matter how hard he tries. The kids really enjoyed pointing out where Elephant was, and they thought it was hilarious that the boy could never seem to find him.

After Have You Seen Elephant, we went to our stations:

  1. Puzzles.
  2. Magnetic marble run.
  3. Watercolor pencils.
  4. Building blocks.
  5. Puppets.
  6. Board books, wood tower, connecting vehicles.

Next week is movement!


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