Race Car Count

This week is movement!

We started with rhythm sticks and Hap Palmer’s classic “Tap Your Sticks.” This is such a great song for refining both gross and fine motor skills. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about being aware of the space around us and being careful not to accidentally hit our friends!

After “Tap Your Sticks,” it was time for our first story, Eric Carle’s classic Head to Toe.


Head to Toe is about all the amazing things can do, from giraffes stretching their necks to elephants stomping their feet. This is a great movement book, especially when the kids mimic the animals’ actions.

Next, we did a short rhyme called “Hands on Shoulders:”

Hands on shoulders
Hands on knees
Hands behind you
If you please
Touch your shoulders
Now your toes
Hands up high
Now touch our nose
Hands up high just as before
Now CLAP your hands

After our rhyme, we moved on to our next book, Race Car Count by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Michael Stack.


10 fast and colorful cars are in a race to the finish line. Which one can get there first? This book is bright and full of movement, and it provides a great opportunity to practice counting and color recognition.

After our second book, we dismissed to our stations:

  1. Balloon races!
    This one is easy to set up and so much fun to play! Thread string through a straw, then attach the string between two objects of roughly equal height. Blow up a balloon and show the kids how to pinch it so no air gets out. Tape the balloon to the straw. Then, when they’re ready, the kids can let go of the balloon and watch it go!
    We ended up having sort of a bonus craft today, as well. I totally forgot that the balloons for the race have to be untied, and by the time I remembered, the kids had decorated their balloons and had them all tied up and ready to go. So, we took home balloon buddies.
  2. Pool noodle boats.img_1852
    I sliced a pool noodle up beforehand and added a drinking straw, using scissors to make a little indent for it to sit in. I couldn’t find foam for the sails, so I substituted cardstock instead. They didn’t hold up very well, but they were really fun while they lasted.
  3. Foam blocks and toy animals.
  4. Kinetic sand with a variety of tools.img_1847

Next week is art!



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