The Hug Machine

This week is art! And since MAPS happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this year, we did lots of cute art projects!

We started with My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall.


Hall’s animals are made of heart shapes in all kinds of colors and sizes, making this a perfect Valentine’s read! The kids enjoyed making some of the animal noises as we read.

After My Heart Is Like a Zoo, I passed out egg shakers and we danced to Raffi’s “Shake Your Sillies Out.”

Our second book was Hug Machine by the fantastic Scott Campbell.

Hug MachineThe Hug Machine lives to hug. There is no one and nothing the Hug Machine cannot hug, from a prickly porcupine to an enormous whale. This is such a funny, sweet book, and it’s the perfect length for reading aloud.

After our stories and music, we went to our stations:

  1. Shaving cream swirl paint. I filled a small plastic tub with shaving cream and let the kids drop some liquid watercolor in it; you can also use food coloring, but it will stain clothes. Then, we swirled the colors together with the pointed end of a pencil. I let the kids do this part, but I emphasized the importance of going slowly and not mixing so much that the color turned muddy.fullsizerenderOnce the shaving cream paint was ready, the kids took paper hearts I had cut out earlier and pressed them down gently in the tub. Then they transferred them to an empty plastic tub on the side and used a squeegee to scrape the extra shaving cream paint off. The result were some very pretty marbled hearts. 
  2. Pom pom painting.
    I clipped pom poms onto clothespins and set out some paints and a pile of paper with hearts drawn on them.
  3. Card making.
    I got out lots of craft supplies and paper and let them make whatever they wanted!fullsizerender-1fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-5
  4. Fishing game.fullsizerender-4

Next week is play!


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