Waiting for Wings

This week is STEM!

We started with rhythm sticks and Hap Palmer’s “Tap Your Sticks.”

After we got some energy out, we read our first book Becoming a Butterfly by Grace Hansen.xl_9781680805079_fc

Abdo Kids has a lot of great nonfiction titles for younger audiences. Becoming a Butterfly was a short but factual introduction to how caterpillars turn into butterflies. The kids liked looking at the photographs, especially the ones that showed the butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis.

After our first book, we did a quick stretch rhyme:

Tall as a tree, (stretch arms to ceiling)
Big as a house, (stretch arms to either side)
Skinny as a pole, (hold arms close to body)
Small as a mouse. (shrink down)

Then we read our second book Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert.

bpww-square-origThis was a great companion book to Becoming a Butterfly. It showed the same process in a different way, using lots of bold colors and beautiful imagery.

After our books, we went to our stations:

  1. Butterfly bracelets.fullsizerender
    We had some pretty hanging butterfly decorations from the dollar store. We took the butterflies off and had the kids glue them to paper bands. Then they taped the ends of the paper bands together.
  2. Butterfly life cycle diagram.fullsizerender-1This was a nice project for the parents and kids to work on together. We used pom poms and green paper for the eggs on the leaf, chenille stems for the caterpillar, chenille stems and green paper for the chrysalis, and chenille stems and tissue paper for the butterfly.
  3. Blocks.
  4. Soft toys.
  5. Sorting toys.
  6. Die cut.
    The kids picked out the dies and paper they wanted to use, and I showed them how to move the tray through the machine by using the roller’s handle. They really liked this part. I also gave them paper, glue sticks, and markers so they could save their cutouts and make a picture.

Next week is movement!


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