Plastic Bottle Maracas

This week, we combined art and music to make our own maracas! We set out plastic bottles and duct tape, along with bowls of beads, rice, lima beans, and seeds to use as filler. The kids picked the materials they wanted to use inside their maracas and put them in their bottles. After they added … Continue reading Plastic Bottle Maracas

Don’t Wake Up Tiger!

This week is movement! We started by grabbing a pair of rhythm sticks and dancing to"Tap Your Sticks" by Hap Palmer. Our first story today was Don't Wake Up Tiger! by Britta Teckentrup. Tiger is sleeping, and the other animals need to get over her to the other side without waking her up. Like Teckentrup's previous book Get Out … Continue reading Don’t Wake Up Tiger!

Race Car Count

This week is movement! We started with rhythm sticks and Hap Palmer's classic "Tap Your Sticks." This is such a great song for refining both gross and fine motor skills. It's also a great opportunity to talk about being aware of the space around us and being careful not to accidentally hit our friends! After "Tap … Continue reading Race Car Count

Bear Snores On

This week is movement! We started with one of my favorite fall reads, Karma Wilson's Bear Snores On. It's time for Bear to hibernate, but his friends have other ideas. Will their chattering and munching wake up Bear? Like all of Karma Wilson's books, Bear Snores On is tremendously fun to read aloud. After our bear book, we … Continue reading Bear Snores On