Dino Hunt

One of the coolest items we have available in our Makerspace is our 3D printer. Both patrons and staff use it to print everything from keychains to fidget spinners to glow in the dark octopuses. Recently, I found a really cool project that I wanted to try. Thingiverse user DannySanchez designed a Dino-Hunt Fossil Digging … Continue reading Dino Hunt

Balance Station

This week was STEM, so for one of our free play stations I set up a very simple measuring activity. I put out two balances and scattered a variety of counters. The kids got to work balancing different objects. They even worked on balancing items on top of the balances! This was a fun and … Continue reading Balance Station

Waiting for Wings

This week is STEM! We started with rhythm sticks and Hap Palmer's "Tap Your Sticks." After we got some energy out, we read our first book Becoming a Butterfly by Grace Hansen. Abdo Kids has a lot of great nonfiction titles for younger audiences. Becoming a Butterfly was a short but factual introduction to how caterpillars turn into … Continue reading Waiting for Wings