Puppy Pool Party!

This week is movement! Today was exciting because we had a special visitor named Oliver! Oliver is a goldendoodle who works as a therapy dog. He visits schools, hospitals, and even libraries. Oliver sat with us as we read our first book, Puppy Pool Party! by Seth Casteel. Puppy Pool Party! is another super cute rhyming book in … Continue reading Puppy Pool Party!


Chalk Day!

This week is STEM! We did MAPS a little differently today! We started by sitting in a circle and rolling the ball to each other. Whoever had the ball got to tell us their favorite color. This game tied in well with our book for today, Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin.  Monsters Love Colors is a bright, … Continue reading Chalk Day!

how to be a dog cover

How to Be a Dog

This week is play! We started with our introduction game, then jumped into our first book, Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition by Seth Casteel. Underwater Dogs has tons of the incredible photos Casteel has become famous for. Dogs dive to catch tennis balls, swim to the bottom of the pool to catch rings, and reach their tongues out to lick the … Continue reading How to Be a Dog



This week is art! We started with our introduction game, where we roll a ball to each other, say our names, and greet each other. We followed that up with a quick music break. Today we danced along to "Jumping and Counting" by Jim Gill, who is always fantastic. Our book this week was Art by Patrick McDonnell. … Continue reading Art

Big Bad Bubble

Big Bad Bubble

This week is movement! We started with a game where we all sit in a circle and pass a ball to each other. Whoever has the ball tells the group their name, and then we all say, "Good morning, [name]!" together. After the game, we stood up and did a very short stretching exercise: Tall as … Continue reading Big Bad Bubble