999 Tadpoles

Our theme this week was reptiles! We started story time a little bit differently. I printed and cut out pictures of cartoon reptiles. Then I taped them to the walls before the kids came in. I told them we had to find all the loose reptiles before we started reading. We looked for one animal at a time until we’d found them all.

Our books this week were both about a HUGE family of frogs. 999 Tadpoles and 999 Frogs Wake Up are both written by Ken Kimura and feature very cute illustrations by Yasunari Murakami. In the first story, the 999 tadpoles grow so big that there is not enough room in their pond anymore. They set off to find a new home, but the journey is fraught with danger. Will they survive the journey? The second story features the 999 frogs waking up from a long winter nap under the mud and the muck. They decide to find other sleeping animals and tell them that’s it’s finally spring. However, they run into trouble when they accidentally wake up a not-so-friendly creature…

After our stories, we danced to “The Tempo Marches On” and “Jump Up, Turn Around.” Then we learned a song about a silly, slippery snake:

Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake.
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake.
Oh I’d slither across the floor,
And I’d slip under the door
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake.

I went through the song with them once and asked them to decide what motions we should use for the different verses. Then we sang it again, adding the motions we talked about earlier.

Our second activity was a floor puzzle which the kids assembled together. I put it together before hand, then I laid painter’s tape on the floor to create an outline. I separated the puzzle pieces into edges and inside pieces. When it was time, I had the kids sit around the outline. I passed out one edge piece to every kid and let them work. When that was done, I passed out the inside pieces. The kids actually did a fantastic job working together.

Our craft this week was a wide-eyed froggy:

Frog Craft

The template I used can be found at learn create love. Just print, color, cut, and glue.

Join us next time for fair week!


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